ZY UMPC: Dual Booting Windows 7, Android

Earlier, Viewsonic came out with a tablet that runs both Windows 7 and Android operating system. Now, another Shazhai tablet has emerged that offers similar functionality. The tablet called the ZY UMPC allows you to run dual boot Windows and Android and specs are not bad too. You are getting a 10.1-inch WSVGA display, Intel Atom N455 processor, 160GB hard disk drive, 1GB RAM and a decent battery size too – 3200mAh.


While that battery is not big enough for running Windows 7 for more than 3-4 hours, it should deliver pretty good runtimes under not-so-demanding Android OS. It weighs in at 800 grams and has a thickness of 16mm.


Oh, and before you get too exited, it is running Android 1.6 not even v2.2 which is now the most widely used operating system. The source say that it will be priced at 2000 yuan which rounds about to around 300 in terms of US dollars. That is certainly not a bad price for an X86 tablet that dual boots Android and Windows – is it?

[via newpad.cn] (Chinese) [official website]

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