Lenovo X120e Disassembly

The AMD E350 powered Lenovo X120e is still yet to be launched in many parts of the world. This much anticipated 11.6 inch netbook features a 1366 x 768 pixel display, AMD E350 dual core processor, ATi Radeon HD 6310 graphics and a fantastic quality which is a standard feature of ThinkPad netbooks and notebooks.

Lenovo X120e Disassembly

A youtube user have been able to get his hands on one these machines and has performed a disassembly of it to let us take a glance at its fancy internals. [link to the youtube videos one and two]

This Lenovo netbook, just like Asus 1215B (another AMD E350 machine) has no problem in playing HD video (full screen) which is nice to know. Netbooks are no longer machines to surf to web. They can do a LOT more. [via notebookitalia] (Italian)

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