RF Micro Devices Wi-Fi chip used in Galaxy Tab

RF Micro Devices has done an announcement today that they are the ones that are delivering high-quality Wireless LAN connecitvity on the Galaxy Tab. Samsung chose 3 components from RFMD which are:

RF5521 front end module (FEM) – low band 2.4 GHz frequency
RF5515 low noise amplifier (LNA)
RF5355 power amplifier (PA) – high-band 5.0GHz frequency.

RF Micro Devices

We are delighted to support the Samsung GALAXY Tab, and we look forward to growing our WiFi business with Samsung across both smartphones and mobile tablet devices. As we drive to extend our product leadership in a wide range of RF components, our customers can rely on RFMD’s ability to deliver highly integrated solutions that provide superior performance in a reduced-size footprint, significantly enhancing the end user’s wireless connectivity experience.”, said Bob Van Buskirk, president of RFMD’s Multi-Market Products Group (MPG).

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