Sony Vaio X Review

Sony Vaio X has made its own distinct little shiny place in the shining sky of netbooks. Its small, sleek and intelligent. The size-zero netbook is made up of carbon fibre and has got 1.86 Ghz Intel Atom Z540 processor. Windows 7 Home Premium Edition that is toppled over the Vaio surely increases its utility. With 11.1 inch display, the 1366×768 resolution suits just perfect.


With just VGA and USB ports, it misses out on HDMI port. According to Gadgetmix, what is really ravenous about the Vaio is its excruciating light weight. What really isn’t that soothing was the disappointing battery life and a not so pleasant keyboard. Another dark spot in its beauty is that it neither supports HD nor gets a Windows XP disk with itself.

The Vaio X is sure to gets many thumbs up for its style and sleekness, but may lag behind a bit for those wanting too much from their netbooks.

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