MSI U230

The MSI Wind 12 U230 is an ultraportable netbook weighing just 1.3kg. The MSI is bagged with Windows 7 Home Premium and the novel Athlon CPU. The 12.1 inch netbook has 1366X768 resolution. So, the netbook has some specs to ponder upon. Regarding the memory, it has got 1GB RAM.



There are two dishes- MSI U230-033 and U230-040 both with almost same mix. While the latter has  U230-40 Athlon X2 L335 (dual core), the former has single core AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 CPU.  You will get a 320GB HDD in U230-040 which is more than 250GB hard disk in U230-040.

The netbook also features an HDMI output apart from the VGA output and has 6-cell battery which offers 4 hour run time. The U230 is also equipped with 3 USB ports, card reader, 1.3MP webcam and 802.11b/g/n WiFi. It also offers a new less stressful keyboard.

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