Six Intel Coffee Lake Processors leaked

A few days ago a catch of CPU-Z was leaked where one of the first 6-core processors belonging to Coffee Lake appeared . Today the subject has gone to much more, when they have filtered all the processors of 6 cores for this new architecture. That leaves us some interesting data to comment. As always happens with the leaks, remember that we have to take them with enough precaution. Intel’s new Coffee Lake core has its release relatively close in time. It is curious that Intel will "remove" Kaby Lake as soon as the market. But it’s also true that when it went on sale, Intel did not have any real competition in that market. However, the arrival of Ryzen has completely disrupted the schemes to the blue giant. And now they do not feel so safe anymore.

Six Intel Coffee Lake Processors leaked

It also does not cease to be true that C Offee Lake is still a partial rehash of the architecture we already saw in Skylake. And that, at least so far, has worked well for Intel although you all know the temperature problems that suffer the Kaby Lake. And I say "partial refill" because the new 8000 series will incorporate the first 6-core processors to the mid-range Intel . Quite simply they will have to move the inside of the processor to make room for two extra cores.

More integrated graphics, obviously. Why is Intel now deciding to pull out a 6-core processor? Because he needs to face the Ryzen 5 1600 and 1600X, clearly. And is that until AMD pulled out those processors, Intel was perfectly happy with its 4-core processors. Configuration that he had been using since the time of the Westmere core. And it is not that, suddenly, Intel has found the space to put two extra cores in its processor. It is that it is now when it has been in need of doing it.

Looking at the "supposed" list that has leaked out, the first thing that catches my eye is that the maximum Turbo Core they can achieve is 4 GHz . At least for all cores simultaneously. This is very much in line with the speeds of Ryzen 5.

I am also surprised that no mention of Hyperthreading is made. Which is shocking to say the least. I do not think Intel will pull out these processors without the HT enabled. It is also interesting to see that the two processors have enabled the overlock consumption of 95 W, while not, has a consumption of 65 W . In this respect, Ryzen 5 would be superior to Coffee Lake, since all its processors are unlocked. And, following the overclocking theme, it is curious that the lowest model that supports it, has really low frequencies. Where do you go with a base frequency of 3.2 GHz and a turbo of 3.4 GHz?

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