Shuttle XS35GT

Shuttle makes some really powerful nettops and HTPCs and the XS35GT is no different. Powered by the Intel Atom D510 dual core processor, it comes with 2GB DDR2 RAM and next generation ION GPU (ION2). The nettop is very compact and is made to occupy as little space as possible. Despite its tiny size, it does not make any compromises on the connectivity front. You get the usual 802.11n Wi-Fi, Realtek Ethernet, and mini PCIe card slot. You also get HDMI, 5x USB 2.0 ports (1x front, 4x rear) and a super DVD drive (optional swap with Blu-Ray). The nettop is easily mountable on the back of the screen in case you want to save even more space.

shuttle xs35gt review

Our nice friends at notebookitalia have posted an unboxing video

What makes this XS35GT different from other nettops is the fact that it is fanless. Yes, Shuttle has implemented passive cooling in it and thus there is (annoying) fan noise at all.

[via notebookitalia] (Italian)

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