New My Passport Ultra by Western Digital launched: WDBFKT0040BGD, WDBFKT0040BGY, WDBFKT0030BGY, WDBFKT0030BGD, WDBFKT0020BGY

Western Digital has updated its My Passport Ultra line of small form factor external hard drives this week . The new hard drives use a new external box and come with software that backs up the data. Not only local computers, but also social networks and services in the cloud. In terms of capacity and interfaces, the new HDDs continue to offer up to 4TB of storage space and use a USB 3.0 interface. Pursuing, as always, the maximum compatibility between the device and the different operating systems. The new WD My Passport Ultra external hard drives come in a new metal case. With finishes in black gray or white gold, whether metallized or matte. These finishes mimic the design of other external storage devices of the company. The 1TB drive uses a thinner box measuring 13.5mm 0.53″, while models with capacities of 2TB, 3TB and 4TB have a thickness of 21.5mm 0.85”.

New My Passport Ultra

Here is the model list –


Apart from the new housing, the new HDDs feature WD Backup automatic software for local data and content. As well as the company’s new WD Discovery software . It supports user data from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and Google Drive. By using both software suites, users can consolidate their data. From different sources in a single device. Meanwhile, to protect the data, Western Digital offers its WD Backup software. This software is based on AES-256 hardware encryption for extra protection.

The prices are quite reasonable even for the models of maximum capacity. Western Digital is not revealing whether they are using PMR or SMR technology on the hard drives contained inside. Nor am I able to accurately guess the number of plates in the units. Since the thickness of the outer cartons means that it is impossible to determine if the company is using 2.5″/ 12.5mm units or 2.5″ / 15mm HDDs.

Like its predecessors, the new Western Digital My Passport Ultra discs are covered by a three-year limited warranty. The new units are available at as well as at select retailers around the world. The cheaper 1 TB version costs $ 79.99, while the larger capacity SKU is available for $ 139.99, which is $ 20 lower than the My Passport Ultra HDD 4 TB launched a year ago.

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