Sharp Netwalker PC-T1

Sharp Netwalker is a kind of amalgamation of Netbook and PDA. Known as Netwalker PC-T1, the netbook is Ubuntu powered. So Ubuntu fans can feel that you can actually run the real Ubuntu in this mini netbook. The processor is 800MHz Freescale i.MX515.

About the hardware, the Sharp made Netwalker isn’t an eye-catcher but has a powerful build. Also, you would notice that it has a huge Stylus. The camera works just fine, so you cannot expect super-high quality images. The videos in comparison work quite better.


For easy movement, it also features optical mouse pad. What is disappointing is the lack of upgrades being made to the bugs faced in its predecessor- PC-Z1. The 2300 mAh battery has a 6 hour run time. The 5 inch WSVGA screen has 1024X600 resolution.

The PC-T1 also comes with a nice cover, fitting it perfectly. What’s really optimistic is that it can act as your portable computer since it comes with USB port. With 512MB RAM and 8GB flash storage, the 5 inch netwalker also has a micro SD slot.

Bluetooth and WiFi, the usual pre-requisites get in there to support. The full QWERTY keyboard featured in PC-Z1 is left behind, so stylus and the handwriting recognizer do much of your work. To be very specific, the netwalker is pretty nice for those wanting a handy PC, but the memory part could have been better. Also, it really amazes the Ubuntu fans to run Ubuntu at a portable mobile. The PC-T1 has definitely something to look forward to.

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