Samsung NC110 Review

Back at CES 2011, Samsung quietly launched the NC110 netbook along with some other models (Samsung NF310, NC210 netbooks). To be honest, the Samsung NC110 appears to be just another netbook with standard, typical netbook specs. It has a single core Atom N455 processor (1.66GHz), 10.1 inch WSVGA display (1024 x 600), 1GB RAM, 250GB hard disk drive and Windows 7 Starter operating system. However, it is worth noting that Samsung is one of the few netbook manufactures that is offering a netbook with matte displays, something that is terribly missing from most of 2011 netbook lineup.


Samsung 2011 netbooks have been given a sloped look from the back and the bezel is also very thin. Folks at laptopmag were able to get their hands on one and loved this budget netbook. The keyboard has a island style layout and has great travel and tactile feedback which is something every netbook user will love. Touchpad is wide enough allowing the user to move the mouse pointer from one corner to another in just one swipe.

However, the display, although praised for being a matte is criticized for having poor horizontal viewing angles. There are three USB 2.0 ports (no USB 3.0) out of which one USB port supports sleep-and-charge function. Performance is so-so, as expected from a low end netbook (like Atom N450 powered Samsung N145). Blame it on the Atom N455 1.66GHz processor and 1GB RAM. Just make sure you do not push the netbook to its limits by running several heavy apps (like multiple web browsers) at the same time and you should not face any significant slowdown. Also, the processor is good enough to handle up to 480p YouTube playback. Use of power frugal processor and a 6-cell battery allowed the Samsung to create a netbook with terrific battery life. The reviewer was able to get more than 7 hours of runtime over Wi-Fi from a single charge.

samsung nc110 review battery life

Verdict – Samsung NC110 is a great second laptop for anyone who wants wonderful battery life and can live with occasional slowdowns. Read the full review at laptopmag.

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