Toshiba NB305 Review

The Toshiba NB305, the scion of Toshiba NB205 is basically a netbook based upon the concept of power saving. Built upon Intel Atom N450 1.66Ghz CPU, it features the much in fashion chicklet keyboard. The special keyboard will cost you $50 more in addition to its chicklet-free price of $350.


The 10 inch netbook brings with it a 250 GB HDD and has the capacity to run about 11 hours (6 cell battery). According to Engadget, the charm of the netbook lies in its extraordinary trackpad which is quite huge when kept in line with other netbooks. Available in white, brown and blue color, the netbook comes installed with Windows 7 as its OS.

Toshiba adds its own spice in this OS by featuring RealTime, a visual search and a Toshiba Media Controller. Weighing only 2.6 pounds, the netbook has some powerful looks and a very nice build.

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