Meet the Ultrabook Wikipedia,

You have seen myriad commercials about the new Intel ultrabooks, all over Wal-Mart, Croma, and Best Buy. But what exactly is an Ultrabook? And out of the so many models, which one is the best? What are their specs? How much do they cost?


Find all of your questions answered on ultrabook Wikipedia where you will find detailed specifications, price and reviews of all ultrabook models released till date. You will also find detailed history and ultrabook evolution on Intel updates its ultrabook specs every year, and will help you keeping updated with all the information.

Ultrabooks make use of special power-sipping processors which make them very different from rest of the laptops that are rather bulky and difficult to carry around. Ultrabooks are thinner, lighter and offer long battery life that deliver upto 10-12 hours runtime. Many are almost as light as a netbook but come with performance of a full fledge workstation yet delivering incredible battery life.

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