LonPAd A97

LonPAd A97 is yet another Android tablet sporting a 7 inch display making its way to the market. Powered by the AML8726 A9 processor, it has a 7 inch resistive display that packs 800 x 600 pixel resolution. For storage, you get 4GB of flash along with 512MB OF RAM which is good enough for running a mobile operating system like Android.


A97 runs Android 2.2 version and includes an HDMI port to output the videos. To make sure that you do not need frequently charge the battery, the manufacture has equipped it with a 4000mAh battery. However, we do know that the overall tablet experience is going to be a bit on the weird side as Android 2.2 is not a very tablet-oriented OS. Pricing information is not available. [via] (Chinese)

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