Lian Li PC-T70 test bench released

Lian Li has just announced the expected white version of its popular Lian Li PC-T70 test bench . This test bench, is one of the preferred by overclockers worldwide. Especially because you can put a cover that allows you to simulate the inside of a box. I think that few people you read this website will be interested in having their own test bench. Normal. If we sometimes talk about niche products, this is still more niche than usual. At the end of the day, the normal thing is that the only ones that use this type of boxes are the people that are dedicated to the professional test. And the overclockers. After all, a test bench like the Lian Li PC-T70 has many advantages for us.

Lian Li PC-T70 (2)

The first, and probably the most important, is the immediate access to components . For someone like me, who is assembling and disassembling components with some assiduity, that feature is basic. The second is to test the components at room temperature . Without being constrained to the thermal envelope of a predetermined box. This facilitates pure results, without having to extrapolate them to other circumstances.

Ability to mount E-ATX size motherboards – The Lian Li PC-T70 is a test bench made of aluminum and steel. This ensures that your weight is very small. Of course, weighing 2.95 kg, you can not say that it is precisely a pen. However, this weight includes quite respectable dimensions of 316 mm in height, 432 mm in width and 416 mm in depth. That is, in it we can perfectly install motherboards in E-ATX format. Which frankly is not usual for a test bench.

Lian Li PC-T70 (1)

In addition to the size, the PC-T70 also supports mounting up to three 3.5-inch storage units plus three 2.5-inch storage units. On one of its sides can also be installed a radiator for a liquid cooling. Whether it’s closed circuit or open. And with a length of up to 360 mm. As curious as it may sound, the bank also has connectors for two USB 3.0 ports and for audio outputs and inputs. Come on, like a normal box. Lian Li has not provided the price or when it will start marketing, but being Lian Li, I’m sure I’m not mistaken when I think that cheap is not going to be.

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