Lemfo Les 1 Smartwatch has 3G SIM: Lemfo Les 1 Smartwatch features and price

Today, smartwatches are already a complement to everyday life more than a gadget, so finding a suitable gadget is an arduous task for many, more for those who want to have everything but their budget is limited. Today we are going to talk about LEMFO LES 1 , a smartwatch that is postulated as a great candidate precisely for those types of users who want everything but also want to pay little. A smartwatch that boasts of having it all is usually quite rough and cumbersome to use. The LEMFO LES 1 has been built with this in mind, and has an aluminum housing with plastic closure from behind, with a heart rate sensor that does not protrude almost anything and does not disturb. The device has a size and weights suitable for any type of users, although of course, as it mounts a 1.39 inch touch screen may be great to some.

Lemfo Les 1 Smartwatch review

Under the hood mounts a MediaTek MTK6580 quad-core processor at 1 Ghz and 1 GB of RAM plus 16 GB of internal storage, far above any Chinese smartwatch on the market. And not for less, because in addition to having Android 5.1 operating system that will allow us to install applications from Google Play and basically do the same as with any smartphone. In addition, thanks to its battery of 350 mAh will give us one or two days of autonomy without problems.

But what gives us this smartwatch of LEMFO are its special features that not all devices can boast of having: to start with 3G connectivity through nano SIM, including clear the possibility of making and receiving calls. It has heart rate monitor, pedometer, multimedia player, alarm, GPS (eye to the fact that it is own and does not depend on a smartphone to operate), WiFi, sound recorder and 2 Mpx camera, located on one of the sides of the sphere.

Lemfo Les 1 Smartwatch review

As you can see, the LEMFO LES 1 is a very interesting smartwatch, with more than decent hardware for the device that is and provides us with virtually everything. And the best, its price, because at this moment can be obtained from 97.89 euros in the online store of GearBest with shipping included.

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