Asus Lamborghini VX6 Review

The Lamborghini VX6 is not a supercar that would go toe-to-toe with a Porsche or a Ferrari. It is a ultra-portable or a very powerful netbook with Nvidia ION graphics. For many, this is nothing but an Asus Eee PC 1215N netbook in a better, sportier suit. I believe it is more than that. Let’s find out in the review below!



* 12.1-inch 1366×768 pixel display (glare-type)
* Atom D525 1.83GHz processor
* ION GPU with Optimus
* 4GB DDR3 RAM (2.74GB usable)
* 250GB HDD
* 5200mAh battery
* 3x USB ports (1x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0)
* Windows 7 Home Premium
* Bang&Olufsen Speakers


Whole body of Asus VX6 is made from plastic. Don’t mistake with the cheap plastic used in some of the Asus netbooks. This is high quality stuff.


asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (9)

The lid is glossy and will easily catch fingerprints, but they are not visible on the white model that I received for review. The whole design is man-ish, so if you are a girl, you would easily get turn-off by its bulky design, unless you are a girl who likes Lamborghini cars.

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (4)

The hinge looks sexy and should last you a few years easily. The overall quality and its looks are so good that any man would get in love with this netbook.

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (10)


On the left side, you will find a VGA port, HDMI, USB 2.0 port and SD card slot. On the right side, you will find a Kensington lock, LAN, 2x USB 3.0 ports (blue!), headphone and micrphone jacks.

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (11)


The cooling vents look impressive, just like a real car. It would been super cool to have LEDs under there. Oh, well.

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (5)


The display is just like other 12.1-inch Asus Eee PCs – crisp with decent saturation levels. It is glossy though, so get a matte screen protector if you plan to use it in the Sun.


For a $700+ machine, you would certainly expect a 12 core processor on this netbook, but that is not the case here. Instead, you get the most powerful Atom processor till date – Intel Atom D525, a dual-core processor, mostly used in nettops. The processor can execute up to 4 threads at a time. On the other hand, most netbooks handle two threads. This makes it much more powerful and capable than most of the single core Atom N455/N450/N270/N280 powered netbook out there.

Then, there is Nvidia ION GPU with Optimus technology to handle all the graphics on the netbook. The best part about this technology is that the GPU only kicks in when required. Rest of the time, Intel GMA 3150 is in charge to conserve juice.

The handles 1080p videos, including YouTube full HD with ease. Here is a video of Asus VX6 playing a full HD youtube video. The GPU kicks in immediately I start playing the video. For local video playback, make sure to get a player that uses GPU for HD playback. I went with the CoreAVC codec.

I also ran Street Fighter IV Benchmark on VX6 to see how well it performs with the games. With model quality set to medium, 800×600 screen resolution and everything else set to default, it gave me 60-65FPS which is minimum for a fighting game. So yes, you can use it to play some of the great games out there.

Lamborghini VX6 scored 3.3 in the Windows Experience Index.


In the PCMark05 test, it scored 2494 which is a bit higher than what Asus 1215N got in the same test (2330). In the CineBench test, it scored 6.27fps and 0.57pts in the OpenGL and CPU tests respectively.

Asus 1201T, an AMD Neo powered machine scored 2.03 and 0.36 in the same tests.



The keyboard is chiclet type and you immediately gets used to it. The feedback is amazing and the quality of the keys is much better than you would find on a cheap $300 Eee PC. That said, I do have a little complaint with it – the shift keys. Both of them are smaller than the standard ones. To make the things worse, Asus has put a ‘backslash’ key along with the shift key due to which I make quite a lot of mistakes during the typing test.

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (2)

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (8)

You would also love the dedicated Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys, something which is missing from the 10-inch Asus netbooks.


No complains at all here. Even though the surface is very smooth, it works like a charm and it looks ‘sporty’ too. The left and right click buttons do not provide a lot of feedback though, but they work fine and should last for few years easily.

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (3)

Various indicators are placed just below the button.


The Asus Lamborghini VX6 runs Windows 7 Home Premium OS and comes with Trend Micro Virus Scan that kept bugging me after every few minutes to register it. I just went ahead and uninstalled it. Huh.

SHE (Super Hybrid Engine), an underclocking/overclocking utiltiy comes pre-installed that would allow you to squeeze some more power (or battery life).

You also get a bunch of Asus-branded utilities that you would also find on any Eee-branded netbook.



They are pretty loud for a netbook. Asus says that they are from Band&Olufsen and boy, they do produce crisp sound. They are more than enough for sharing a YouTube clip with a group of your friends.

Battery Life

Asus quotes around 7.5 hours of runtime on a single charge from its 5200mAh battery, but in my tests, the best I could achieve was around 4.5 hours on balanced mode with high performance settings on. During this period, I surfed the Internet and watched some YouTube. As mentioned earlier, the ION kicked-in everytime I watched a YouTube video.

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (6)

When I turned off all the wireless radios, I was able to get just above 6 hours. During that duration, I did not do anything that would activate ION.

While Gaming, I was able to get just about 1.5 hours of runtime which is decent since playing games keeps the GPU as-well-as CPU working all the time at 100 percent.

The laptop looses 1% per hour while in stand-by mode which is pretty good.


This netbook gives easy access to the RAM which can accommodate up to 2x sticks. Upgrading the HDD is certainly not going to be very user friendly as it does not gives easy access from the bottom.

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (12)


Now here is a really funny thing – this powerhouse still sports the Eee PC branding, something which you would NOT want in a Lambo laptop. Also, is the Atom processor drool worthy and good enough for showing-off your Lamborghini ‘netbook’ to your friends? Even then, if I have $200 extra, I would any day go for this one instead of Asus Eee PC 1215N which is also similarly configured.

+ Impressive design

+ Love the big white power button. Looks amazing!

+ Bluetooth 3.0

+ Bang&Olufsen speakers are loud and clear

+ Lamborghini logo adds a bling to the overall design

+ Runs pretty cool

+ Great keyboard; good tactile feedback

– Lamborghini with a Turbo Charged Golf engine?

– Small size shift keys

– Expensive! (~$700-800)

Some comparison pictures:

1) With the Sony Vaio P

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (13)

2) With the 10.1-inch Acer Aspire D250 netbook

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (1)

3) With the HTC HD2

asus-lamborghini-vx6-review (14)

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