Kirtan website launched for listening to kirtan online from Darbar Sahib and Anandpur Sahib

Live kirtan from Darbar sahib and Anandpur sahib – Modern Tech which is the biggest technology network in the world has launched a dedicated kirtan website to the tech nerds and non-techies listen to live kirtan from Darbar Sahib and Anandpur Sahib. The site fetches audio streams from official websites and presents them in a very easy to read manner, allowing anyone to feel right at Darbar Sahib or Anandpur Sahib.


Darbar Sahib kirtan stream

To listen to golden temple live stream, all you need is a device that has audio player installed and this includes all windows laptops, Macintosh laptops, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, windows phones and android devices. All the pages are mobile friendly and you will not scroll sideways to get connected. The golden temple a k a Darbar sahib page also has links for hukumnama as well as Ragi list. All links are updated on a daily basis by our kirtan team. Audio stream is live from 2 am till 10 pm.

Anandpur sahib kirtan stream

Another very popular Gurudwara in India is Anandpur sahib and it is possible to listen to anandpur sahib kirtan on the same site. There are no fixed timings for the anandpur sahib stream. At the launch of website, this is what Modern Tech’s CEO, Kamaldeep Singh had to say,

“A lot of people, including me are not able to visit Darbar Sahib or Anandpur on a monthly basis. The Kirtan website launched by Modern Tech will not only allow them to listen to kirtan online but will also bring them closer to their guru. We promise not to ever charge our visitors to listen to what should always be free. “

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