Fujitsu MH330 with Linpus Lite

Sometime back, Fujitsu launched their first MeeGo netbook, the MH330 in Asia. Now, folks at Linpus have announced that the operating system is nothing but a customized version of Linus Lite that is specially made for MeeGo.


Some features as highlighted in the press release are:

● More social network support in M-Zone – Flickr and MySpace.
● Online support – Linpus commercial grade LiveUpdate function to deliver device-specific   patches, upgrades and new applications to your system.
● Power management – Advanced settings and options for idle mode and auto-suspend – as well as fine-tuning mean power savings of around 15 to 20%.
● Network Manager – More 3G modems and device-to-device file transfer (adhoc), VPN, PPPoE and WPA2-enterprise support.
● Linpus Windows Data Applications – If you have dual-boot with Windows, these   applications help you view Outlook data, music and videos.
● Peripheral support – Linpus has unprecedented experience in the Linux consumer bundle market, meaning they have included support for a huge range of printers, projectors, and other hardware.
● Extremely fast boot.
● International keyboard – This application allows users to switch between the keyboards of four different languages with just the tap of an icon.

This meego netbook is not available in the US yet and is on sale in Asia Pacific region only. [press release]

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