Finding the best mini laptop in India

best mini laptop india

Mini laptops have recently become very popular in India with the introduction of new and better processors from Intel and AMD. These processors are very powerful and at the same time very efficient allowing extremely long runtimes and power to run any laptop app with ease.

Some of these mini laptops cost under 20000 rupees while some with top end processors go up to 25000 Indian rupees. So there is no need to buy a second hand laptop from OLX. Just get a new one. Kamaldeep, Editor in Chief of KDS Tech Network said,

“Mini laptops category is growing at a very fast pace but consumers are confused why a particular mini laptop costs 15000 and why another costs 25000. These mini laptops look the same from out side but their innards are quite different. “

That is why a mini laptop website like was created back in 2010 to help users find the best and cheap mini laptops in India with ease. There are many different types of mini laptops.

1) Touchscreen mini laptops: These come with touch panel displays.
2) Detachable mini laptops: These have touch screens and display part can be detached allowing users to use them as standalone tablets.
3) Typical mini laptops: These have special features like touchscreen or detachable displays.

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