Find CPU Reviews Like a Boss

CPUdistro aims to make it easy to find and compare CPUs. Do you know which one is faster between AMD A6-3430MX and AMD A8-3530MX or CORE I5 540M and CORE I5-2467M? If you are shopping for a phone or tablet, you know that Tegra 4 is faster than Tegra 3 and so on. Unfortunately, it does not work like that in CPU world. We, at Modern Tech like to make technology easier, so we present to you a CPUdistro a useful site which tells you how a particular CPU stacks up against another by using a single benchmark number.

cpu distro

CPUdistro is a new website with a very simple mission – provide a very easy to use search option to let the users compare processors. So if you out of loop, or in the loop, CPUdistro want to help. Finding the best processor is a tough task especially if the manufacture is offering the same laptop in variety of configurations. CPUdistro has already done the homework for you by posting benchmark results of all old and new CPUs. The site went live few days back, and now has information of all processors by Intel and AMD.

So if you are looking to buy a new processor or doing research on laptop processors, make sure to hop onto cpudistro.

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