Acer Ferrari One Review

The Acer Ferrari One is one of the most powerful and nicest-looking netbooks around. This Acer netbook sits somewhere between a netbook and notebook – it comes with an AMD dual-core processor with ATi 3200 graphics with 4GB RAM.


Beyond its glossy and flamboyant red shell, there are four aggressive tread tires that buffer the netbook as it pulls up on the desk and race car startup sounds.

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The netbook runs Windows 7 Home Premium, which is still uncommon for most of the netbooks around. Battery life, as expected is so-so considering the fact that it has a powerful CPU and GPU inside. The battery runtime is around 4 hours. Despite the Ferrari tag, the netbook was unable to cope up with the 720p videos. Audio went out of sync too. That said, the machine coped up easily with the NetFlix videos. Read the rest of the review here

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