Asus 1015T

Asus has launched yet another Eee, but trust us, this one is really different. From outside, one may not that different, but the goodies lies inside. It is the first 10-inch Asus netbook to be powered by an AMD processor. So, it looks a lot like the other 10-inch Asus netbooks, but it runs on AMD V105 1.2GHz single core processor. And if you are not down with that, it also has ATi Radeon 4200 HD GPU that allows butter-smooth playback of HD videos.


Asus Eee 1015T, unlike most Atom netbooks can take up to 4GB of RAM, that too DDR3 type. The 1015T netbook features 10.1” display that pack 1024 x 600 pixels which are considered as standards in the field of netbooks. For storage, you get a spacious 320GB hard disk which is not user-swappable. Asus 1015T comes with a 6-cell battery which should run for about 5 hours.

Although the RAM can be upgraded to 4GB, Asus has equipped this netbook with just 1GB RAM. But, since the RAM is pretty cheap these days, we are not complaining. Just like any other netbook out there, this one too runs Windows 7 Starter Edition. If being patient is not your ‘thing’, Asus has included Express Gate OS so that you can go online in matter of seconds.

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