Asus 1201N

If we are give an award for the most exiting netbook of the year 2010, it has be Asus 1201N. It is the Asus’ very first netbook to sport NVidia ION graphic chipset that allows it to easily play back full HD videos via its HDMI port. Also, thanks to the chip, it delivers decent gaming performance too.

asus-1201n-netbook The Asus 1201N has a 12.1-inch display with 1366×768 resolution and uses Atom N330 dual core CPU for processing. Other specs include 3GB RAM, 320GB HDD and 802.11n Wi-Fi. The Eee 1201N comes equipped with a 6-cell battery that should be more than enough to give you a run time of around 5 hours.

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