Asus 1018p review

As a netbook manufacture, Asus is best known for its amazing Eee PC netbooks and they sell millions of these every where. The Asus 1018p is not yet-another Asus netbook. This netbook epitomizes class, amazing keyboard and excellent battery life.


With the Asus 1018p Eee PC, Asus has taken the netbook chassis back to the drawing board and has come up with a design that is sturdy, thin and looks wonderful.


However, under its brushed-metal exterior, you will find the same Atom processor that delivers so-so performance, but you do get staggeringly good battery life. So, as long as  you are ok with the internal components not matching the flash of the amazing external body, the new Asus 1018p would do just fine for you. The netbook is available at Amazon at $527

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