Netbook Dock

People often say that netbooks are not “all the time” computers as some find them slow and limited in capacity. Having said that, there are millions who love their netbooks and use them as their only computers. Aegis NetDock is a docking station that adds quite a lot of missing functionality.


This Netbook Docks adds a dual-layer DVD read/write drive, 4x USB 2.0 ports, out of which two are always on so the user can use them to power other devices. There are three models to choose from:

1) $149 – This one comes with a 250GB HDD

2) $189 – Comes with a 500GB HDD

3) $89 – Does not comes with any HDD pre-installed.

Although netbooks have convinced most of us that optical drives are things of past, some are still not very comfortable making bootable USB drives for installing operating systems or for installing software. Also, the additional built-in HDD comes handy to store extra media content and for backing up the data

The NetDock from Aegis automatically shuts itself off when not in use. The package comes with 3 apps – BurnAware CD/DVD burning software, Microsoft’s SyncToy and VideoLAN’s VLC media player.

Verdict – If you plan to use your netbook at home/office, the NetDock can prove to be a very useful accessory. official webpage

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