Coastar Atom Powered Tablet

Coastar, a company from Shenzhen has launched its 10.1-inch tablet in the market. This is one of the few Chinese tablets that do not run Android. The tablet is called K1050 and features typical netbook-innards which means you get Intel Atom N455 processor, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD (1.8 inch), 10.1-inch capacitive display and Windows 7 operating system. At 890 grams, it is mere 200 grams heavier than iPad (680 grams) and does not runs a mobile operating system.


Since it runs Windows operating system, you will be able to enjoy no download casino games on it as all of them come with flash plugin installed. Coastar K1050 will be made available in three colors – blue, green, pink and white and will cost you 3000 Yuan (~450 dollars). Still, it is very much affordable compared to Windows 7 Tablets available from other popular manufactures. It would have been cool if it had built in webcam as that would have allowed the users to play video poker on it.

Still we have happy to see a Chinese tablet that runs Microsoft Windows operating system instead of Android.

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