Android 4.4.1 ROM for Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ is an old phone but you can get it up to date by installing this android firmware which will bump it to android 4.4.1. The only requirement is that you will need to have Galaxy V SM-G313HZ CWM custom recovery onboard as that is required for installing a custom ROM like this one. Make sure to do a complete wipe in custom recovery before installing this ROM.

Android 4.4.1 ROM for Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

Installation instructions for Android 4.4.1 ROM for Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

* Download from here and save it into External SD
* Reboot device and go to CWM/TWRP.
* Install zip
* Choose
* Wipe dalvik cache.
* Reboot system

Here are features of this Android 4.4.1 ROM for Galaxy V SM-G313HZ.

* Rooted
* Deodexed
* Disabled signature apps
* Android lollipop Theme (Wanna Be)
* AOKP weather on lockscreen
* Custom drawer (left and right)
* Contextual statusbar header
* Circle RAM
* Screenshot button on custom drawer
* Profile UI on custom drawer
* Remodified lockscreen layout
* AOKP performance Control
* Ram progress bar
* Notification background settings
* Custom clock style
* Battery bar
* 13 battery style
* Network speed meter (Thinking bridge and ChaOS)
* Network traffic (Carbon rom style)
* App circle sidebar
* Mi-POP
* Lollipop platlogo
* Multiwindow sidebar
* Omni switch
* Custom boot animation
* Google camera, gallery and deskclock
* Bloatware removed
* Fix external storage
* Heads up notification

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