AMD C50 vs Atom N570 vs N550

In the weekend, I was lucky enough to play with Acer 522 (AMD C50). While I was not allowed to take pictures, I managed to use my pen drive (that had PCMark Vantage on it) in it while the sales person were not around (*evil smile*).

AMD C50 vs Atom N570 vs N550

Also since I own Asus 1015PW, a dual core Atom N550 netbook, I was able to compare Atom N550 performance with the AMD C50 processor. Here were my findings.


As you can see, Atom N570 scores the most points. However, in real world use, you cannot feel any difference. AMD C50 can play full HD videos (YouTube as-well-as local files), thanks to its powerful GPU.

The following bar chart clearly shows how much the ATI 6250 graphics are powerful compared to the GMA 3150 used in most of the netbooks. I tried Street Fighter IV and at lowest settings, the game was actually playable (640 x 480, everything else set to low / off). I was getting 59 FPS on average which is mandatory for a fighting game. Do not even think of playing it on a netbook with GMA 3150.



I was able to get a 1363 from the Acer 522 netbook running on an AMD C50 processor. AMD C50 has 2 cores, 2 threads and 1MB L2 cache. It runs 1GHz clock speed and incorporates ATi Radeon HD 6250 GPU. This GPU support UVD3 video decoder, Shader v5.0 and DirectX v11 support. Despite all that power, it consumes just 9 watts – GPU and CPU combined.


ATOM N550 is used in many netbooks, including Asus 1015PEM and Asus 1015PW I mentioned before. This one is also dual core but can handle 4 threads at a time (C50 can handle only 2). It runs at 1.5GHz clock speed. Usually, netbooks using these CPUs come with Intel GMA 3150 graphics. It has a TDP of 8.5 watts.


This one is very similar to ATOM N550. The only difference is the fact it runs at slightly higher clock speed of 1.66GHz.

Scores of N570 were taken from crosscoretech (with permission). WEI scores were published in January on our site. You can check them out at this link.

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