Alienware AW-2518 monitor has best refresh rate

Is the Alienware AW-2518 the world’s best refresh rate monitor? Dell Alienware has just released its two new Alienware AW-2518 monitors . One with surname -H, the other with last name -HF. The difference between the two models is that one of them supports Nvidia G-Sync, the other AMD FreeSync. Removing that detail, both monitors are identical even in the refresh rate, which are a staggering 240 Hz. These models use the AU Optronics AUO M250HTN01 panel, which is a 24.5 “TN Twisted Nematic panel, built for speed. Here are the features of Alienware AW-2518.

Alienware AW-2518 review

* A resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD
* 1000: 1 static contrast
* Horizontal / vertical viewing angles of a 170 ° / 160 ° TN panel.

The surface of the screen has a matt anti-reflective coating. Offering good reflective handling features even in moderately lighted environments. A refresh rate of 240 Hz is supported natively. With the variable refresh rate for the G-Sync model from 30 to 240 Hz. The range for the FreeSync model is not known right now, but will probably be 48 – 240Hz with Low Frame Rate Compensation LFC. The G-SYNC model has a similar Nvidia compensation feature below 30Hz. It keeps the refresh rate at a multiple of the refresh rate. To eliminate tearing or stuttering when possible.

Such low frame rates, of course, would be a tragic waste of the monitor anyway. It is worth clarifying to some users, At this time, that G-Sync can only be used on compatible Nvidia graphics. And FreeSync on AMD compatible graphics. The backlight is a flickerless WLED unit capable of reproducing the sRGB color and a typical luminance output of 400 cd / m². The 8-bit color is supported via 6-bit + FRC dithering and, it is not surprising for a monitor at this refresh rate, a response time of 1 ms gray to gray.

Alienware AW-2518

The back of the monitor has a matte silver color throughout, although if viewed from an angle you can see that the feet of the stand, the connection between the stand and the screen and the side of the monitor are matte black. This has what is described as a “chrome finish”, suggesting coated metal powder instead of plastic is widely used here. The angular aesthetic is again visible from this perspective. There are three LED strips here as well as an Alienware logo on the top right. These are independently controllable through the ‘AlienFX’ software included with the monitor.

The included stand is fully adjustable, featuring; Height, turn, tilt and pivot adjustment. It can be removed with the quick release mechanism and replaced with another mounting bracket or mounting solution compatible with VESA 100 x 100 mm. Ports are downhill and include; DP 1.2a compatible with G-SYNC or Adaptive-Sync depending on model, HDMI 1.4, 4 USB 3.0 ports upstream, 3.5 mm headphone jack and 3.5 mm audio input. The Alienware AW-2518-H will be priced at $ 699.99, while the Alienware AW-2518-HF will be priced at $ 499.99. The difference, obviously, is the royalties that must be paid to Nvidia to use its technology.

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