Acer 722

Acer has rolled out Aspire One 722 netbook that sports the new AMD C50 processor. The Acer 722 is clearly the successor of 721 netbook and it will come with a 11.6 inch display, 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, AMD C50 processor, ATi RADEON HD 6250 GPU and a battery that has a higher capacity than the Acer 522.


In other words, the 722 is just like a bigger version of 522 with a bigger, better display. This is just like last year when Acer introduced two new laptops with AMD processors (Acer 521 and 721). Acer 721 came with a bigger 11.6 inch display compared to the 521 that featured 10.1 inch display. [via macles]


There is no information on how much it will cost or when will it start shipping.

Another new thing that I just noticed is the new water drop design on its lid. Looks fancy.

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