Samsung N210

The Samsung N210 is pretty on the outside, but bloated on inside, in terms of technology packed. Even though the Samsung N210 has the internals of any non-ION netbook – 1.66GHz Atom N450 processor, 1GB RAM, 250GB HDD – but from outside it dons cream-color lid covered with plastic coating. It is retro-futuristic – thanks to all white interior.


I really got worried when I took a glance at the bloatware and trial apps it came bundled with. All this combined with the low-end Windows 7 Starter edition is a pure disaster recipe.


One of the most useful features included in the Samsung N210 is the Linux-based Hyperspace instant-on OS. Well, hold your horses since the OS is not exactly instant on. In my test, it took around 20 seconds to boot up. Battery life is around 7 hours.

All in all, a decent netbook, if you are really to uninstall all the bloatware. 

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