HP Mini 100e review

HP is acting very smart with its all new HP Mini 100e netbook that features a rugged design. About the memory area, it has got 1GB RAM and 160GB HDD The Mini 110e has a different design which is quite obvious since it is aimed for the education market. It has an integrated carrying handle that makes it easier for the small hands to carry it around. Its metal alloy hinges with steel pin axles and handle-feature make it kid proof which means you can bang it around without damaging it 

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This HP netbook starts at mere 3.19 pounds and comes with a 3-cell battery. Other nifty features include a 92-percent full size keyboard which is also spill-resistant. Coming to its software front, this netbook comes with Microsoft Windows 7 Starter and Office Starter 2010 which misses some of the features present in the non-starter edition. An important feature is the bright LED on the lid that tells the teacher if a student is connected to the Internet or not. [via notebookreview]

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The netbook also has integrated wireless modem along with dial-up internet access for those areas where WiFi is not available.

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