Asus 1008P-KR Review

Now here’s a 10 inch netbook from Asus that’s quite sleek, impressive and interesting. The netbook carriers with it Intel Atom N450 1.66 Ghz CPU and is available in pink color apart from the black and brown. The delicacy of the netbook lies in its unique, artistical design which automatically makes it quite ravenous in the first look itself. The netbook is dressed up by Karim Rashid, who has scribbled his signature on the netbook as well.



To give it a more lavish look, the ports on the sides are covered with flaps. It has a sleek 2900 mAh battery with one free battery. Whether this is a boon or a bane is quite judgmental. Now talking about the ‘brains,’ the netbook has 1024X600 WSVGA display. The internal storage is pretty fine- a 320 GB HDD and 2 GB memory considering its ‘slim’ design. The natural prerequisites – Wifi and Bluetooth are there to cover up.

Windows 7 Starter Edition will follow you in this Eee PC netbook. A 1.3 MP camera works fine on this special edition netbook. A 1’’ netbook weighing about 1.12 pounds is too hard to not attract you. What eventually may not impress you is the lack of consecutive features when kept in line with its alluring looks and sleekness. But an extra battery and a nice keyboard may rule out the doubts. Amazon prices it at $500. A special edition with a special price.


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